Our Responsibility

Our Steadfast Commitment

All companies and professionals who provide investment services and retirement plans are subject to operating according to certain standards pertaining to the best interests of the investor or institutional entity they are representing. The reason for this is to ensure that they are acting solely for the welfare of their investor client, and that any compensation reaped from any investments primarily benefit the investor as opposed to the financial advisor. It does not mean that the financial advisor cannot claim any financial rewards, but, quite simply, that they must disclose all compensation arrangements. Guardian wholeheartedly agree with this recent regulation and we indeed embrace this transparency which ensures true fiduciary accountability. At the moment, this relatively new rule is not yet perfect or comprehensive enough, and some say it is not easily understood or implemented, and many investment providers and lobbying groups have attempted to dismiss it or defame it, and have indeed chosen not to operate according to fiduciary standards. Guardian feel that by operating within these standards all parties concerned ultimately benefit from it; our clients benefit from the fact that they can see that we are acting with their best interests in mind, and we benefit from the fact that we gain more of our clients’ trust, which can only result in a more profitable and successful long-term relationship.
Making A Difference In Our Community

While the financial future of our clients is the most important aspect of our work and will always be the driving factor of our company and all of its practices, we firmly believe in giving back to the communities that we have a presence in and, furthermore, we are strongly committed to maintaining this tradition. We do not believe in charity, but more in enabling others to maximize their potential, and we always structure it so that our clients in turn benefit as a company should one of our philanthropic ventures uncover an investment opportunity. We strive to make a difference, and we then undertake a commitment to carrying on that legacy and making it into a long-term assurance.  
  • We have a multitude of partners who we work with on programs of giving back and we have a team of dedicated philanthropists with business backgrounds who are constantly working on new and pioneering methods of reaching out to different communities.
  • We use our charitable and philanthropic enterprises to develop and promote unearthed talent and hidden opportunities.
  • We employ volunteer efforts to support communities and increase our exposure.
  • We promote several Employee Networking Groups across the globe to interact and learn from each other.
  • We encourage our clients to explore business opportunities which may arise from any of these enterprises.
Strength Through Diversity

Diversification is the key to successfully navigating the investment landscape, and diversity is at the core of our wealth management team and structure. We go to great lengths to bring in a diverse cross-section of the industry to make up the nucleus of our company, which ensures that we have extensive knowledge of the different markets. In short, we ensure that we, and you, are covered for every eventuality and investment possibility which may arise, planned or unforeseen, by having a team in place which can out-perform our competitors.
  • We bring together a team of individuals to create a unique workforce comprised of exceptional talents from a wide-ranging spectrum of the global communities and markets we have a presence in, as well as from diverse industries and backgrounds and with a variety of distinct experience, in turn creating a multi-faceted and multi-skilled workforce which accurately reflects our all-encompassing vision.
  • We offer competitive and demanding paid internship programs which are structured as economic and investment boot camps which test the applicants to the extreme, ensuring that our future staff are fully prepared and qualified for the high levels of excellence expected at Guardian.
  • Our Human Resources department has a team of recruiters whose only work is to scour the global marketplace, identify, and then headhunt the most outstanding talent available.
  • We seek out and foster strategic business relationships with a variety of different companies in order to drive innovation and the development of our clients’ businesses and interests.
Don't Be A Victim

At Guardian we take pride in safeguarding our clients against any potential scams which are intended for the sole purpose of cheating our clients out of their money, and we consider it our duty to give warnings about any fraudulent companies and potential scams which we know about. Although all investors tend to think that they’re far too clever to get caught out by any financial scams, here at Guardian we’re all too aware that this is not the case, especially since these ‘scams’ are now far more sophisticated than they used to be.

The fraudulent brokerage firms have, over time, honed their techniques to perfection, which has resulted in the scams becoming far too slick and refined for the average investor to spot. There are financial scams that even the best financial advisors at Guardian can’t identify clearly, as it’s very difficult to distinguish between the truth, false information, or just an outright scam, so we feel that the more information about scams Guardian give to our clients the better it will be. The problem is that the more experienced fraud perpetrators have learnt to use the internet in order to reach a mass audience and obtain pertinent client information which they can use to set up investing scams and to help them obtain money by fraudulent means; at Guardian we are always vigilant in our practices in order to safeguard our valued clients.

The most senior Guardian financial consultants have compiled a list of the most common financial and investment scams and online fraudulent activities in order to ensure our clients avoid getting duped. This is just a compilation of the most common investment scams our Guardian consultant know about, and the ones that we view as the most potentially harmful ones. We have also outlined some of the tools these fraudulent promoters most often use in their scams, as well as giving you a list of the most common general scams outside the financial industry.
Financial Regulation Advocates

Quite simply, we commit to adopting responsible marketplace practices and adherence to specific rules and regulations in order to create true value for our clients and business partners. We offer service to all customers, from individual independent investors to institutional entities and corporations, ensuring we fulfill all their financial requirements.

We take pride in the fact that our services and our company’s practices help to improve the transparency and credibility of the financial industry in our region, and that we help to create a marketplace where investors and our stakeholders are in a better position to make informed choices. We believe we have a responsibility to uphold our high standards and inject our ethics in all of our practices in order to promote integrity and responsible leadership behavior in the marketplace. We exemplify and epitomize this responsible leadership and we take pride in showcasing how strong governance and organizational accountability can make a difference in the marketplace for ourselves, our clients, and the industry as a whole.

Some of our Investors prefer Non Regulated Investments. These types of Investments are actually on the increase as more and more of the profits on 'Standard Investment Products' such as Fixed Income, Property and Stocks become more heavily taxed. Add on higher Management fees and costs for setting up Nominee, SPV and SPE accounts, so we can understand why. We have access to non regulated products also, although we discuss these in a longer and more thorough method, being sure that our clients understanding of all pros and cons before agreeing on any Investing in these areas.

We also offer a trading facility for Clients, instead of just holding a stock, we have automated and human facilities in house, which enables us to intraday trade your current holdings, this service again is becoming more and more popular with clients, from blue chip shares to commodities, through derivatives and looking at Cryptocurrencies for the future.
Our Best Resource Is Our People

We have a firm belief in the fact that our best resources are our staff and we invest heavily in our people, both in terms of time, training and support, as well as retirement funds and bonus structures. We provide a workplace which promotes sincerity, respect and honesty, as well as ensuring that the safety and well-being of our employees is paramount at all times.

We view our employees as individuals with inalienable rights and we take extreme pride and go to great lengths to ensure that we provide a work environment that is both respectful and, just as importantly, a place where our employees have the potential to grow and develop. We employ various support units and structures to allow our employees to thrive and achieve their potential, which results in a much better service being offered to our clients. Our workplace programs are one of our key strengths, which is why we are regarded as one of the choice employers in the ASEAN region, and helping our people work as effectively as possible, across different markets and specialty areas and with one another, is one of our priorities. We take extreme pride in the work atmosphere we create and the team structures which allow our employees to deliver their best.

We strive to provide you with a true sense of well-being. We work closely with you to understand your objectives and to devise a strategy tailored to help you reach your unique financial goals.


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